1.900 Forms

– Forms can be found starting at page 203 here (pdf) –

(a) Process. The following forms of process, notice of lis pendens, and notice of action are sufficient. Variations from the forms do not void process or notices that are otherwise sufficient.

(b) Other Forms. The other forms are sufficient for the matters that are covered by them. So long as the substance is expressed without prolixity, the forms may be varied to meet the facts of a particular case.

(c) Formal Matters. Captions, except for the designation of the document, are omitted from the forms. A general form of caption is the first form. Signatures are omitted from pleadings and motions.

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  1. neidermeyer

    Forms begin at p139 (I suspect 115 was the starting point in a prior year) , 1.921 and 1.922 are searchable … simply “cntl + f” to get a search box.


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