Florida E-filing Problems

Question for our attorney readers: Are you having trouble with e-filing?

Ever since the switch, I have had numerous delays with the clerk processing basic matters.  For instance, in one recent case in Miami-Dade, it took the Clerk of Court 12 days to issue Summons.  I have seen similar delays in Pinellas and in Orange County.  The time it takes to get clerk’s defaults entered has also risen significantly.  In a few cases, e-filed documents seem to be stuck in e-purgatory – the website reports that a new Complaint or other filing has been pending for weeks without the clerk accepting it for filing.

If you have been having trouble with e-filing, let us know in the comments.


3 thoughts on “Florida E-filing Problems

  1. FLdirtlawyer

    Same problems in Broward and Miami-Dade. We waited TWO WEEKS for summonses in an eviction case. So much for it being an expedited summary proceeding.

  2. Anita Brannon

    Similar problems in Pasco- entering week two of waiting for a case # to submit a summons- (Pasco procedure)

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