Happy New Year! I continue to have ideas for additional features I want to roll out over the next year and the website continues to grow in traffic, so I am excited for 2011.  I would like to bring on sponsors, to help offset the time it takes to run this website.  Floridacivpro.com reaches more than 10,000 visitors per month.  Most of those visitors are attorneys, so the site would be an ideal billboard for businesses like court reporters, legal recruiters, or law firms trying to generate referrals.

In meantime, if you have any idea or suggestions, please let me know.  Are there any particular topics you would like covered more frequently?  Send me an email: bwillis@becker-poliakoff.com
I expect it to be a busy year.  We are going to see the start of e-filing and I am hoping that opens the door to new and more efficient means to report on cases.  It will surely lead to an evolution in everyone’s day-to-day procedures.
Finally, in the spring, I am hoping to provide a CLE webinar covering all of the rules updates and important cases over the past year.  Look for more information to follow.
Good luck in 2011!!