Service By Email is Coming

The Florida Rules of Judicial Administration Committee has filed a petition to amend the Rules of Procedure, civil or otherwise, to require service by email.  The Petition also follows the recent pattern of adopting more uniform rules across practice areas into the Rules of Judicial Administration.  For instance, Rule 1.800 now governs service of pleadings in papers, providing extensive instruction.  The proposed Rule 1.800 states, in full:

“Every pleading subsequent to the initial pleading and every other document
filed in the action must be served in conformity with the requirements of Florida
Rule of Judicial Administration 2.516.”
As the Committee makes clear, this is an intentional shift:
Accordingly, when the Joint Committee first met, and when the issues were
first presented to all of the rules committees in January 2010, the concept of
consolidating the procedures for email service in one place was universally
This is not a new concept; over the years and with increasing frequency,
procedures that have common application in all courts have more and more been
placed in the Rules of Judicial Administration. The procedures for e-filing, public
access to records, computation of time, disqualification of judges, size and type of
paper, pro hac vice motions, and numerous other concepts are now centrally
located in the Rules of Judicial Administration.
A similar shift to the Rules of Judicial Administration was seen in the recent implementation of procedures to govern the confidentiality of court records in Fla. R. Jud. Admin. 2.420.