Slow Civ Pro Season

It has been a slow few weeks for Florida Civil Procedure decisions, so I will pass along this blog post from the blog, on one possible future for the legal profession:

One of the oldest pieces of marketing advice in the legal profession is: “Don’t compete on price.” Wiser heads than mine constantly warn lawyers not to cut their prices to match what other sellers are providing, that engaging in a price war for legal services is as potentially ruinous as getting involved in a land war in Asia
. . .
yet the day will soon come where we have to lower our prices just to stay in the marketplace conversation. If you can upgrade the type and quality of your services to premium or luxury levels and therefore maintain or even increase your prices, good for you. But there’s only so much room at the top of the mountain and not everyone can stand there; and in any event, raising the quality of what you offer often requires increasing what you spend to offer it, getting you no farther ahead.
But you don’t need to compete on price if you can go one better: compete on cost. . .

Hopefully we will have more civil procedure news next week.