News for the New Year

I am pleased to announce Version 3 of It will allow you to contribute case notes that will appear alongside posts from the Florida Rules Reporter and on the and rule pages.  The updated site also includes tools for integration with twitter and other social media applications.

Version 3.0

In 2009 we had over 60,000 unique visits (180,000+ pageviews), coming from all across the country.

As of today, we have moved most of the website, the Rules and the Reporter to the Movable Type Publishing Platform. This makes the website look better and the site easier to manage. It also permits us to open up the Florida Civil Procedure Rules and Florida Appellate Procedure Rules to any lawyer with a blog through a feature called “Trackbacks.” 

More importantly, it means we want your help. Trackbacks were developed in the blogging community to allow different websites to carry on a discussion between multiple blogs; we are using this feature to allow you to participate in a conversation about the rules. Trackbacks allow you to write about a rule and have your content posted as a “Case Citation” under the relevant rule. This works because every Civil and Appellate Procedure Rule has a “Trackback URL”, which you can find at the bottom of every rule page. You can use this Trackback URL to notify us of your post and automatically link a summary of your post to each rule. To learn more about trackbacks please see this page, or this one, and email Brian.

If you have a blog (which you must to participate) this will help drive traffic to your blog. If you help update this blog, you will have a link to your blog from the leading Florida Civil and Appellate Procedure web resource. Of course, in the current setup, Jason and I maintain complete editorial control over any such posts to maintain the sites accuracy and quality. 

In addition to driving traffic to your website, the more participation we have, the more comprehensive this website will be. Right now there is only so much Jason and I can do, plus many of the rules are rarely at issue on appeal.

If you do not have a blog, we are still asking you to help build this site by submitting trial court orders that provide insight into unique aspects of the rules.  We are particularly interested in issues that rarely reach the appellate level, as in this recent post on capacity to sue.  Opinons can be submitted via email to Jason or Brian.

Social Media

We now have a twitter feed so that you can follow updates to the Florida Rules Reporter on Twitter and “Share This” buttons on every page, making it easier to send a relevant case or rule to a colleague or post a page to your personal blog or twitter account.

The Future

I hope that you will help us continue to improve this website. We are also looking for opportunities to expand. Are you a tech savy criminal lawyer that wants to cover the Criminal Procedure Rules? What about Family Law? The Federal Rules? In a short time, the system we have set up through this website has proven to be a robust research tool, and it grows with every case we add. I am certain there is room for improvement and expansion and, to do that, we need your help.